Development Tools

Tools for developing Self
  • Stopping Eating Program
  • Stress Management Program
  • Managing your Emotions Program
  • Revitalise You Program
  • Increasing Sexual Intimacy Program
  • Tools for developing  Supervisors
  • Tools for developing Managers
  • Tools for developing Leaders
  • Tools for developing Teams
  • Tools for developing Organisations

Organisational & EAP Services: 
Qualified consultants who are at the leading edge of thinking and practice in the area of leadership development and learning organizations.  

  • Organisational/Corporate Services
  • Employee Assistance Programs and Services (EAP)
  • Organisational Development Consulting
  • Clinical Supervision for individuals and groups
  • Executive and performance coaching

    EAP Flyer
Professional consulting, counselling, coaching and mediation for business and workplace relationships

Individual and Group supervision is provided to allied health practitioners and people in any work context. RELATE considers businesses and workplaces as a health issue! And invests in wellness in the workplace. RELATE provides debriefing and coaching, and a timely response to critical incidents. Professional Debriefing and Coaching may contain small elements of education and counseling, but it is not personal therapy. Consulting and mentoring may occur but it is collegial not expert directed. It is aimed at the individual/group acquiring the skills of reflective and thoughtful practice and critical self evaluation of their work incorporating this knowledge into future, improved work practice.

  • Workshops in couple and sexual therapy;
  • Debriefing and Coaching
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Training in family therapy
  • Training in Clinical Supervision

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