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    Our promise to you!

    To give you the tools to enrich internal and external relations.

RELATE is an organisation that provides professional services specialising in all aspects of human relations. Services include relationship counselling, consulting, coaching, and education for individuals, couples, families and organizations.
Good therapy enables people to achieve a sense of control, empowerment and peace of mind – working toward clients’ goals and whatever the client and therapist use as a measurement for good outcomes.
We work with clients to achieve and use a therapy which is a good fit. ie An approach to therapy that fits with the client to experiences a sense of wellbeing.

RELATE Counsellors are professionally qualified and experienced to provide empathic, perceptive, compassionate psychotherapy, family therapy, couple therapy and specializing in sex therapy.
Where we are located
Offices and practitioners are conveniently located around Brisbane, Queensland and Northern NSW.
Many referrals generate from general practitioners and specialists, however, referrals are not a necessary requirement.

“The Currency of Wellness is Connection”   Dr John W Travis